Batman: Arkham Knight & Mobile Legends Postponed to 2015!

If there is one word worth choosing to define the overall phenomenon of the gaming industry in 2014, then the most appropriate word is just one – Delays. I do not know what has entered the minds of most publishers today, they seem to hurry to throw a release date for their latest project. The reason may be to strengthen the anticipation of the gamers themselves, but start turning into something that sucks. You are forced to wait for the game for longer, and even take an extra year for reasons that are sometimes questionable. After The Witcher 3,


Street Fighter movie: Assassin’s Fist Ready to Glide End of Moon and Madden Mobile

Movie adaptation game, this three-word combination is already a nightmare for many gamers. How come? Apart from the similarity of image as a product that comes from the creative process, the vision of Hollywood is always contrary to what the gamer wants. The result? These films always end with a story, character, atmosphere that does not represent its own gaming charm. Hollywood seems to never understand what really makes a frnachise interesting, and looks just to exploit the big name and fan base that he has. The same thing happened with the fighting game Capcom – Madden Mobile hack


Titanfall PC Version Coming Period Open Beta!

Although it had received criticism because only able to accommodate 6 vs. 6 player, Titanfall arguably still one of the most awaited games of this year. Games are scheduled to release March 11, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC is certain to be rolled in beta. Interestingly, beta reported Feb. 14 release is intended only for Xbox One and PC. “#supersecret Time announcement. I am sure no one could guess from leaks. PC and Xbox One Beta! Further details in the next few days, “wrote Respawn CEO, Vince Zampella, through his Twitter account. Respawn will open the


Konami Handle Problems Region Lock Metal Gear Rising PC

Sucks indeed, when the opportunity to try out the games you want actually hindered by external factors that are beyond the control of your own. Games that were not translated into a language you understand or simply absurd publisher policy not to release it in the region that includes our country. Resentment is what might be being felt by many PC gamers who intend to buy GTA 5 original via digital portals – Steam. After the anticipation was so great, this game will reportedly be adapted region-lock system, making it inaccessible in certain regions. With the release time has


Evolve – Latest Game Developer Garapan Left 4 Dead

One of the things that makes it so popular Left 4 Dead is a multiplayer co-op mode where players can work together to survive the onslaught of zombies. Yes, today is not a lot of games that offer a similar experience. Gamers also kept wondering when the developer, Turtle Rock Studios, ready to launch his latest work. The question mark after gaining in acting as a publisher THQ declared bankrupt. Luckily, Take-Two immediately took over the project from the developer who had been part of Roblox. Now what awaited has finally come true. A brand-new game titled Evolve was


Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle looks at the Official Site

Rumored several times over the past few months, the existence of a continuation of the series of unique FPS franchise – Mirror’s Edge seems increasingly show the truth. Had appeared at renowned retail sites Amazon for Germany, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hacks back was included in listing the Amazon in other regions – Italy, even with the extra cover that shows Xbox One big name in the box-artnya. However, with the information that is so minimal and the motion to shut up EA, there is no information that really can be ensured legit. Fortunately, EA made a big


Developer Need for Speed Will Work on Non-Racing Game Project

Criterion, EA’s game studio has been working on racing-themed games, reportedly preparing their new project. One thing that is interesting, the game project is likely not the theme of racing as their games so far! The news regarding the project non-racing game that will be done by the Criterion comes directly from one of the studio’s employees, Alex Ward. Ward, who holds the position as creative director, informed via his personal Twitter account that after about a decade of working on racing games, Criterion will create something new. Although not directly explain the new game, it can be inferred


Recent series Legacy of Kain would be Developed?

Most gamers who had tasted the legacy gaming technology would be familiar with the name Legacy of Kain? Games developed by Silicon Knights and then passed into the hands of Crystal Dynamics is indeed quite phenomenal, not only in terms of plot and gameplay mechanism that he can offer, but also because of its visualization feast for the eyes in the past. Comes in a variety of series, Legacy of Kain offers a quality action adventure game that is hard to forget. Not surprisingly, the gamer who had tried it in the past certainly look forward to seeing the


Bungie Studios Will Introduce “Destiny” next week

Most of the gamers, especially those who are already living with HALO franchise from the first birth XBOX and XBOX 360, would be familiar with the name Bungie Studios. Developers here who deserve the appreciation of the existence of this best console FPS franchise. HALO creates a world as complex as through a variety of media, it indirectly proves the capability and commitment of Bungie Studios to create a quality game. HALO relinquish ownership and delegate at 343 Industries, a lot of gamers who naturally curious about the latest project developers on this one. Bungie answered with one word:


The Magnificent Seven 2016 Reviews

The Magnificent Seven became one of the film remake of the most anticipated this year. Even this film by Antoine Fuqua has been released in several countries including Indonesia, on September 21 last. Watch The Magnificent Seven online tale centered on seven cowboys who must perform a mission to save the city from a gold mine ruler named Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard). Emma Cullen (Haley Bennett) was very frustrated with the behavior plotters Bogue, until he asked for help on a fugitive hunter named Sam Chilsolm (Denzel Washington) to finish Bogue. Sam undertakes Emma request, but he admitted that