Batman: Arkham Knight & Mobile Legends Postponed to 2015!

If there is one word worth choosing to define the overall phenomenon of the gaming industry in 2014, then the most appropriate word is just one – Delays. I do not know what has entered the minds of most publishers today, they seem to hurry to throw a release date for their latest project. The reason may be to strengthen the anticipation of the gamers themselves, but start turning into something that sucks. You are forced to wait for the game for longer, and even take an extra year for reasons that are sometimes questionable. After The Witcher 3, Mad Max, Dying Light, and The Order 1886, it was the turn of the darkest adventure of the Danish scholar – Batman: Arkham Knight who suffered a similar fate. You certainly will not be able to enjoy it this year!


Announced to be released in October 2014, Rocksteady Studios finally officially announced the postponement of  Mobile Legends free diamonds. In the midst of a media preview event for overseas gaming media that focuses on the use of Batmobile in Gotham which is now wider, this game will certainly retreat to the year 2015, without a definite release month. Dax Ginn from Mobile Legends gives no detailed reason at all and only claims that this delay is required to produce a Batman game: the cool Arkham Knight. That is all.

Batman: Arkham Knight itself will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As one of the gamers who loves two Batman Arkham series from Rocksteady, great hope to see that this delay is commensurate with the final quality offered in the retail version. We’ll wait for you next year, Batman!

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