Bungie Studios Will Introduce “Destiny” next week

Most of the gamers, especially those who are already living with HALO franchise from the first birth XBOX and XBOX 360, would be familiar with the name Bungie Studios. Developers here who deserve the appreciation of the existence of this best console FPS franchise. HALO creates a world as complex as through a variety of media, it indirectly proves the capability and commitment of Bungie Studios to create a quality game. HALO relinquish ownership and delegate at 343 Industries, a lot of gamers who naturally curious about the latest project developers on this one. Bungie answered with one word: Destiny and visit clash royale astuce gemme.


After HALO, Bungie was reportedly directly involved in an action shooter game that is claimed will present several new innovations – Bungie. Was leaked in cyberspace a few months ago, developers of this one will finally give official confirmation of this one game. There was not much that was leaked Bungie this time, besides the certainty that they will introduce the “Destiny” is officially next week. Precisely on February 17, 2013, through a variety of social media that exists, Destiny will appear for the first time. A date that deserves to be anticipated.
What exactly is “Destiny” is? The veil of mystery will open on 17 February 2013.

As a shooter game that is claimed to offer the sensation of thrill and fun, yet also deep and full of intrigue, Destiny has become one of the projects that deserve to anticipated shooter. Destiny itself rumored to be released for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 as well as an other version will be offered for the latest generation of consoles in the future. Can Destiny “pass on” the popularity and prowess as they showed in HALO? Stay tuned for the upcoming February 17!

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