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Throughout the weekend, Supercell declared new adjusting overhauls were coming to Clash Royale , March 23. Not long after the declaration, releases showed up on Reddit that demonstrated the new upgrade won’t simply be adjusting the quality of most loved cards, similar to the X-bow, Tesla, Cannon and Ice Wizard. The redesign will likewise allegedly incorporate some new Clash Royale character cards for your deck and potential gold prizes for winning fights.

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While none of the breaks have yet been affirmed, we by and by trust the gold prizes will come close by the new card parities. Beneath we’ve incorporated all the card parities Supercell declared and the extra elements the Reddit leaker cases are coming. At the point when the upgrade comes, we’ll make sure overhaul this post to reflect what changes really happened and get clash royale astuce gemme .

Clash Royale March 23 Update: Supercell Announces Card Balancing Changes

The accompanying cards, as per Supercell will get adjusting changes to organize offense over guard in the gameplay. This is the primary arrangement of adjusting changes the organization has made to Clash Royale since its global presentation.

Clash Royale Rumored Updates Include Battle Gold And New Cards

As per a break on Reddit, the March 23, Clash Royale upgrade may incorporate new cards and compensates also. While none of the breaks have been affirmed, the publication asserts that the upgrade will present three new cards: Lava Hound (Legendary), Lava Pup and Skeleton Warriors (Rare).

While the Lava Pup and Skeleton Warriors appear to be to some degree irrelevant, for those sufficiently fortunate to arrive the Legendary Lava Hound in Arena 4 and up, the new character will purportedly bring 3,000 hit focuses yet cost you 8 remedy to send.

In the interim, the holes additionally assert that gold will soon be remunerated for winning fights, with the sum won beginning at 5 gold pieces and going up to 20 at every coliseum level bounce.

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