Developer Need for Speed Will Work on Non-Racing Game Project

Criterion, EA’s game studio has been working on racing-themed games, reportedly preparing their new project. One thing that is interesting, the game project is likely not the theme of racing as their games so far!

The news regarding the project non-racing game that will be done by the Criterion comes directly from one of the studio’s employees, Alex Ward. Ward, who holds the position as creative director, informed via his personal Twitter account that after about a decade of working on racing games, Criterion will create something new. Although not directly explain the new game, it can be inferred from the Tweet that the new game will be done by Criterion non-racing theme and visit madden mobile 2017 hack.


Neither Ward nor Criterion itself has not been willing to provide detailed information in a related new game. However, when asked about the possibility that the new game is a sequel to the FPS game entitled “Black” who had worked on the studio in 2006, Ward immediately denied.

Then, what about the continuation of racing games are handled by the studio? According to Ward, Criterion certainly not going to leave these games for granted. Criterion still have a long plan for those games. In fact, for the Burnout series, they will still be working on a new game for the series someday and you can download here.

Curious game like what is done by Criterion? Let us wait together for the official announcement!

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