Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle looks at the Official Site

Rumored several times over the past few months, the existence of a continuation of the series of unique FPS franchise – Mirror’s Edge seems increasingly show the truth. Had appeared at renowned retail sites Amazon for Germany, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hacks back was included in listing the Amazon in other regions – Italy, even with the extra cover that shows Xbox One big name in the box-artnya. However, with the information that is so minimal and the motion to shut up EA, there is no information that really can be ensured legit. Fortunately, EA made a big mistake that did not escape the view of gamers in cyberspace. A confirmation of the existence of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle just glide.


Users in one of the largest gaming forum – NeoGAF found something very mnearik on the official website of EA. Although not visible to the human eye, it turns out EA missed in the “Help”. EA seems to inadvertently insert listing Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle into this one section, though without any extra information. Once the information is spread in cyberspace, EA immediately withdraw the controversial part of this one. Rumors had mentioned that Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle will be one of the surprises prepared for the EA E3 2013 seems increasingly looks uncertain.

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