Gran Turismo Sport Comes Without Dynamic Weather

Performance current generation platform is enabling developers to achieve or offer a gameplay feature that can not be achieved in the previous generation, including in the racing genre though. We of course do not just talk about visualization is increasingly close to the real world, but the sensation of a racing game more realistic in terms of gameplay. To make the racing action for the sake of the first position is becoming more dramatic, some racing games are now beginning to implement a weather system and day change the dynamic. So instead determined from the start when you get into racing mode, and the weather can change by the time you are on track. Not only makes it feel more realistic, the presence of a rainstorm that comes on suddenly, for example, can change the way you play because physics is working. But this will not be offered a racing game exclusive Playstation 4 – Gran Turismo Sport mobius final fantasy hack.


This is confirmed from the mouth Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital itself in his latest interview with GTPlanet sites. You are still able to change settings or turn of the weather before the start of the race, but he would not change dynamically when you’re trying to finish the race. Yamauchi confirms that the choice not to include solely for better consistency. This ensures that you will get the framerate and image quality more stable during the race. Therefore, Polyphony prefer to make gameplay more comfortable.

Gran Turismo Sport itself is planned to be released on November 15, 2016, exclusively for the Playstation 4. What do you think about the decision to abolish the dynamic weather effects in the name of this steady framerate?

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