Konami Handle Problems Region Lock Metal Gear Rising PC

Sucks indeed, when the opportunity to try out the games you want actually hindered by external factors that are beyond the control of your own. Games that were not translated into a language you understand or simply absurd publisher policy not to release it in the region that includes our country. Resentment is what might be being felt by many PC gamers who intend to buy GTA 5 original via digital portals – Steam. After the anticipation was so great, this game will reportedly be adapted region-lock system, making it inaccessible in certain regions.


With the release time has had its day, both Platinum Games and Konami is trying to overcome the problem of lock region for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC version. This was disclosed by the creative producer of Platinum itself – JP Kellams. Through its official Twitter account, Kellams stated that he had reported the matter to Konami, and middle menggondok way to make sure this game can be enjoyed in the wider region. It is taken after so many gamers who ask and throw their complaints on the official forum Konami and Platinum Games.
Platinum Games are aware that the problem of lock region has made Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is inaccessible in certain regions, even countries with large market potential. He had reported this to Konami for further action.

So for you who are interested to buy  GTA 5 money generator  PC version via Steam, you seem to be a little more patient – at least until there is certainty whether Konami will revoke the policy sucks this one or not. While you are still relying on pirated games? Is not no problem ..

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