Madden Mobile The Best Android Game

Microsoft’s move to bring one of the best-selling game series, Madden Mobile , into the realm of the PC is the one thing that got very positive feedback by gamers. Through Madden Mobile, PC gamers will get a chance to experience the premium quality of the racing game, which was previously exclusive to Xbox gamers. Moreover, the game will be distributed for free or Free to Play, to gamer PC with Windows 10, and will begin the Open Beta on May 5, 2016.

madden mobile

Capitalize game engine with the ability to produce top-class visual, to 4K resolution, and support for DirectX 12, Madden Mobile cheats on  madden-mobile-hacks.​com expected Microsoft to provide the experience of playing the typical Madden Mobile Single Player race. In the Open Beta later, you can find a carrer mode with 12 event “Showcase Tour,” and bring you into the race at the circuit which is divided into several states. In addition, you will also find event “Spotlight Series” contains unique racing challenges that will be updated and changed every time. Unfortunately, Microsoft claims no online multiplayer mode, just compare the time of the race course through the Leaderboard.

Meanwhile, in order to prepare yourself to play this game, you need a PC gaming systems are quite friendly to the minimum, about 6 to 7 million. Meanwhile, to be able to play in 4K with a frame rate of 60 fps, as well as on the highest setting, you need top class gaming PC that is similar to our gaming rig, which is about 60 millions.

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