Marvel Contest of Champions Review for iOS

If there is one month in the year 2016 who are ready to drain your pocket until dry as possible, then the month of May might be the most dangerous trap. There is an exclusive game Marvel Contest of Champions for the owners of the Playstation 4 as well as so many multiplatform games like Homefront: The Revolution, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, to Overwatch. Even based games parkour EA and DICE’s latest concoction – Marvel Contest of Champions also ready to raise the flag of war at the same time. The good news for those of you who were confused how to manage finances for months that this catastrophe? You do not need to think at least, one of them and you can visit here.


After a variety of gameplay demo that surfaced over the past few days, Marvel Contest of Champions which serves as a series reboot does look very promising. However deviated from the original plan to release it in late May 2016, EA and DICE have finally decided to kick the release of Marvel Contest of Champions few weeks longer than planned. The reason? They need time to implement the Social feature Play better for its online component as well as a variety of feedback thrown watched gamers who’ve tested the previous Closed Beta period.

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