Mobile Strike The Best Android Game

Mobile Strike is an open world game that is highly awaited by gamers today. Thanks to the absence of a new open world game with the theme of criminal life, which is usually represented by GTA, then Mobile Strike become a hot topic discussed. After a long wait for certainty of this game, as the publisher 2K has finally announced the release date for Mobile Strike, along with special packages for pre-order bookings in the latest trailer and get on .

mobile strike2

In the trailer showing the gameplay of Mobile Strike, a handful of dark stories about racism and revenge main character named Lincoln Clay in New Orleans can also be found. According to the developers of the game Mobile Strike, the problem of racism is a serious matter in the era of 1968, setting the time used by this game. Through the revenge motif, Lincoln will eventually build up strength in the form of a criminal empire and begin to destroy the Mafia when it was controlled New Orleans.

This trailer also shows the gameplay looks like a finishing move in combat, especially when performed at close range. In addition, the city of New Orleans that was built by 2K also looks very nice and lively. Characters money shown in the trailer also played very well, much like when you watch a movie!

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