Modder Melting Weapons DOOM Classic to Version 2016

How many of you who are trying out the latest DOOM? If you’re like us who had departed with a sense of pessimism because of the impression generic shooter that was so strong at the beginning of the gameplay trailer, DOOM surprisingly ended up surprising. Straightforward with a taste that could tempt classic gamers and newcomers to this franchise, DOOM offers the sensation of an action game without preamble. You come in, kill all the demons you encounter, and try to win in the middle of the vast arena while accompanied by music metal rock cool. Appeal turned out to be loved by fans of the classic series is finally enough to make one modder melt guns to the modern version of the classic version and visit .


This is done by modder named DBThanatos. He melted almost all the weapons of DOOM DOOM 2016 to the first version was released in 1993 ago. Heavy weapons such as the Assault Rifle, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Gauss Cannon, Pulse Rifle, until BFG adapted in visual form the pixels in the first series of this DOOM. But of course, to ensure balancing gameplay is maintained, he decided to turn off the alternate function fires most of existing weapons. Not stopping there alone, DBThanatos want to create more gore effects with improved maps will anyway.

This mod still has not been officially released to the public. How about you? How many of you who are or have tasted DOOM 2016 today?

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