Pokemon Go Tips

Because this game is booming-is booming, then Nona tried to keep the information needs of the pokemon games go it alone. After some time ago Nona managed to make writing about how to easily download the application in Indonesia, both for the Android OS and iOS. This time once again Miss want to discuss tips good at playing pokemon go and visit pokemongozoner.

tips good at playing pokemon go

Tips good at playing pokemon go this time is not the tips, which requires you to cheat, but in the form of technical things that you have to be especially careful that your game remains smooth without any hindrance. Here are tips good at playing Pokemon Go recommendation from Nona:


Prepare a full battery and POWERBANK Stand-By Arrangement

Because the game Pokemon Go is an online game that requires you to stay connected with your smartphone GPS, it has become a certainty if your smartphone battery will be quickly exhausted. Therefore, to mensiasatinya so that you can still continue your quest to pokemon, you have to stand by you in a state of full battery or carry POWERBANK just in case if you need the battery in charge again

Master the technique of Throw Poké Balls

The most important thing that you notice that you are good at playing Pokemon Go’s is how to throw a poke balls correctly so that you can get pokemon figure who managed to track you. Immediately throw if the ring in a Poke Balls in the smallest state

Understand Pokemon You Fighting Ability

Because this game is still relatively new, of course pokemon you are still comparatively weak and has not been transformed into more intense. So when you’re willing to fight with the other pokemon, measuring the ability of your pokemon. Do not let your opponent that causes any pokemon you do not last long
No Need to Buy Poke Balls

Because Pokemon Go is a free game, and only a few specific items that must be purchased from this game to be better at your game again. Item Poke Balls is one of the free items that do not need you buy, because you will get a regular supply

Do not Hesitate to Transfer Pokemon

If you get that pokemon apparently not in accordance with your wishes and not according to the formations that have you formed. Feel free to transfer it to the professor so that you get a locker items that you may need to help the evolution of your choice pokemon

Continuously Monitor Pokemon Go You

Get a chance to meet the legendary pokemon, do it all once to close the application pokemon you go. It is feared that, you would have missed notification that turned their pokemon you seek for this.

Leave at least one Pokemon you in Gym

If you wish to get out of the gym and want to travel back, then do not actually live gyp without leaving any pokemon you, it would be better if at least you leave the pokemon you, in order to help the team pokemon you when there are other teams who want claim

On Icon Shield in Pokestops to Get Extra Points

If you observe the top right of the menu Pokestops you, and you will find a small shield-shaped icon. Well, in order to shield it is to help you get bonus coins that will be given at least once a day. So, do not forget to activate it so that you get the bonus coins are also a growing number of

Well that tips be good at playing Pokemon Go successful Miss summarize for you. We wish you luck with your game go this pokemon yes. Anyway, if you have another opinion, please add it by writing a comment below.

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