Recent series Legacy of Kain would be Developed?

Most gamers who had tasted the legacy gaming technology would be familiar with the name Legacy of Kain? Games developed by Silicon Knights and then passed into the hands of Crystal Dynamics is indeed quite phenomenal, not only in terms of plot and gameplay mechanism that he can offer, but also because of its visualization feast for the eyes in the past. Comes in a variety of series, Legacy of Kain offers a quality action adventure game that is hard to forget. Not surprisingly, the gamer who had tried it in the past certainly look forward to seeing the sequel series to the current generation. A latent dream that finally see the light and get clash royale gemme astuce.


Given the existence of Crystal Dynamics are now under the hands of Square Enix, it automatically ownership on Legacy of Kain franchise is now also changed hands. After a long sink and disappear just as rumors about the presence of the latest series Legacy of Kain raised. This rumor surfaced after Square Enix bought a cyberspace domain associated with the franchise – As we know, the world Nosgoth itself is a major long journey Legacy of Kain. Does this mean Square Enix is ​​preparing a new series? Unfortunately, they themselves have not give further details and confirmation.

As a gamer who grew up with the Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver series especially the so memorable in the past, purchasing this domain of course leave certain expectations. Is the latest series Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth War for this to become a reality in the future? We’ll wait.

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