Street Fighter movie: Assassin’s Fist Ready to Glide End of Moon and Madden Mobile

Movie adaptation game, this three-word combination is already a nightmare for many gamers. How come? Apart from the similarity of image as a product that comes from the creative process, the vision of Hollywood is always contrary to what the gamer wants. The result? These films always end with a story, character, atmosphere that does not represent its own gaming charm. Hollywood seems to never understand what really makes a frnachise interesting, and looks just to exploit the big name and fan base that he has. The same thing happened with the fighting game Capcom – Madden Mobile hack mainstay in the past. However, a new hope emerged through Assassin’s Fist.


You are enough to follow the development of the game industry is certainly no stranger to Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist this. Starting from a fans trailer that stole the hearts of millions of gamers around the world, the parties involved finally decided to make it a serious full-time project.

Seeking to raise funds from Kickstarter, the project was eventually funded by a larger capital strength – enabling a more mature and perfect production process. The result? After waiting for more than a year, a final Street Fighter trailer: Assassin’s Fist is finally released! You can see all Street Fighter-style acts we’ve always dreamed of, including the braided story that even includes Madden MobileĀ  in it.

No longer just a dream, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist also finally get the official release date. Distributed through Machinima portal – Youtube, the film is ready to slide on May 23, 2014 to come. Will not be released by weekly method, all episodes will be thrown from day one. Looks freaking awesome!

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