The definition and understanding of erectile dysfunction

Some doctors have different opinions in defining erectile dysfunction or impotence. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines erectile dysfunction as erectile disorder that occurs for at least 3 months. That is less than three months could not be categorized as erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, according to sex experts Naek L Tobing, the definition of erectile dysfunction is a condition where the penis can not achieve an erection that is hard to complete sexual activity, alone or as a couple legitimate and visit hereĀ


Definition of erectile dysfunction, according to the Mayo Clinic is a state where a man can not get or maintain an erection hard enough to undertake and complete sexual intercourse.

While on the Wikipedia site, it is known that the definition of erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability of the penis to an erection hard or keep it hard when the sexual activity with a partner.

Problems that can not be hard erection usually transient and not be noticed by the patient. But if erectile dysfunction (impotence) experienced gone on long enough, that the WHO puts at 3 months or more, causing stress, cause problems with his wife and or affecting the level of confidence, so it is a sign to get to the doctor for treatment.

Although many men are embarrassed to see a sex therapist or a doctor for consultation regarding erectile problems experienced, it was necessary for erectile dysfunction could be a sign of health conditions that need to be addressed such as heart disease and diabetes. By knowing and addressing the cause of disease, the treatment of erectile dysfunction can be done properly.

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