The English version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Will Soon Release Week

Barely a week after disclose a lot of information about Final Fantasy XV, this time Square Enix again surprised us with news about the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is finally released outside of Japan. Through an announcement on their official blog, it was announced that the English version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will be released in the US on April 7 this week.

For your information, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a spin-off of the series Kingdom Hearts RPG that was originally released through the web to be played through a computer browser with the title Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi. In this game you will act as one of the thousands of Keyblade sword holder who is called to save the world from the power of Darkness dokkan battle hack .


Through the same announcement Square Enix Tetsuya Nomura also interviewed about the relationship of this game with the previous Kingdom Hearts story. According to Nomura, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X intentionally takes up the story long before the war legend begins to be associated with the Keyblade Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue will be released for PS4 this year.

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With the game is packaged in the form of MMORPG, Kingdom Hearts player automatically every Unchained X server needs to be connected with Square Enix in order to continue the progress of their game.

It may seem inconvenient for those who are familiar with the single player game from some of the previous Kingdom Hearts series. But considering Kingdom Hearts Unchained X itself is the game free-to-play, I think this requirement is not something that is quite burdensome. We expect just hope the English version is available also in the area of ​​Indonesia.

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