Vanquish signal PC version Gains

Platinum Games admittedly is one of the best action games developer in the world. Their ability to mix action game with smooth animation and solid gameplay mechanics that is not longer in doubt, with a range of games that are ready to prove that claim. But unfortunately, not all the games that they racik can be enjoyed by PC gamers. Platinum Games has several exclusive products such as Nier: Automata for Playstation 4, Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Wii U, or Vanquish – the unique shooter game that to this day remain “exclusive” to the previous generation platform. For the name of the latter, it seems PC gamers still have hope and get dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce.


Rumors about the Vanquish to a PC port was already surfaced long enough, but SEGA and Platinum Games have never confirm anything until today. One thing is certain, the rumors intensified after interviews conducted by Kotaku gaming site with the co-founder of Platinum – Atsushi Inaba. Ask about the possibility of a PC version of the Vanquish, Inaba just laughed and mentioned that he would begin to talk about it if Kotaku did not make a statement to the public. Statements like this as it gives the signal that the port process is underway, but not yet officially announced to the public.

Will we see Vanquish Remastered version of the current generation consoles and PC in the future? Or do Inaba joked that this will not lead to anything? We’ll wait.

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