Yoga for Healthy Eyes

The art of yoga exercise that originated in India is a sport that combines body movements and breathing. In the art of yoga, many ways you can do to train the muscles of the body including your eye muscles. The benefit can not only improve vision but also good for the health train the eye muscles and improve circulation in all parts including skin area yoga burn by Zoe .


Step 1

Sit in a chair comfortably in second position legs crossed and hands are in the lap distance. Position your chin perpendicular line with the shoulders, not looking down or up. Breathe steadily and slowly throughout the exercise. In addition to moving your eyes, do not make any movement during exercise, both the movement of the head or neck. End every step of this exercise by closing your eyes for merelakskannya.

Step 2

Your eyeball movement towards the top. Look as far as you can, as you will see your own head. Hold hinga 3 seconds and release. Do the same in the reverse direction. Your eyeball movement toward the bottom and see as far as you can see your shoes. Hold up to 3 seconds and release. Repeat this step up to three times.

Step 3

Throw your eyes toward the right side, as far as possible you can do. Hold 3 seconds and release. Do this in the reverse direction. Repeat this step up to three times.

Step 4

Still remain in the previous position, now try to move your eyes gently with circular movements. Starting from the right, down, left, and then back to the starting position. There was a pause, then repeat this step up to three times.

Step 5

For the last step, focus both eyes on the tip of your nose for a few moments. Then release. Perform this step 2-3 times.

If these exercises are done on a regular basis can soothe and relieve your eye, especially for those who are too often read and be in front of a computer screen. Maintaining eye health with yoga not only help improve the circulation of the eye area but also affects all areas of your face.

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